Veterans Day 2016


To all my fellow veterans, regardless of when or where you served, I wish you a Happy Veterans Day.  

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Deck structure is complete

Structure is complete

The structural portion of the deck build project is now complete

Happy to report that my Labor Day Weekend was actually a productive one, which included some labor.  The deck structure is now complete and I am ready for the decking itself.

Unfortunately there will be a short delay on that, in addition to making the final decision on what we will be doing for the decking, I have a work coming up next week which will delay me from finishing this project.

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Taking Shape

Taking Shape

The back deck is finally starting to take shape

The new deck is starting to take shape, thanks to a few hours of work each night after work this week.  You can finally start to tell what it is going to look like when done, and get a good feel for the size.  It really is taking shape.

When done it will be 20′ by 14′ and even though the perspective of the wide angle lens I shot this picture with makes it look like the left side is much larger than the right, they are both 10′ sections.

I did learn a very valuable lesson though, a simple bubble level can actually be wrong.  I had laid out the three beams last night and when I was finished the middle beam was 3″ higher at the end than the other two.  I can honestly say that I was baffled as I had paid close attention to my level.  What I did find out was that if I checked the same board twice with the level I was using, it would give me two different readings.  After a hurried trip into Home Depot and purchasing a new level, things were back on track.

Next steps are to hang the joists.  Not sure if I will get this done soon or not, with the 3 day weekend right around the corner it looks like I might not have a lot of free time.

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The deck build project is underway again

Deck Build Joist Start

Started back on my long delayed deck build project again today.

Hard to believe that the last update I posted for my deck build project was back in October of last year.  I wish I could post that even though I hadn’t been posting about it, the deck was finished and we were simply to busy enjoying outdoor cooking and cocktails on the new deck to post about it, but sadly that isn’t the case.

It isn’t like I haven’t been doing things though, but working on the deck hasn’t been part of what I have been up to.

Work on the deck sort of came to an end last fall when the weather started getting bad.  I didn’t think much about it through the winter and when spring rolled around we got busy doing other projects around the property, we took a family vacation to Yellowstone and the deck simply took a back seat to many other things.

The good news is that thanks to the delay I have re-designed the deck some, I think for the better, and will be building in some covered storage for the smokers and grills at the same time.  You can see from the image above that the back wall of that storage will be the old fence posts that I had intended to cut off.

I probably won’t be moving really fast with this, but hopefully it will be steady progress as time and budget allow.

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Welcome to Cicely, Alaska

Cicielys Gift Shop

Cicely’s Gift Shop in Roslyn, WA. This building was the location of the doctors office in the TV show Northern Exposure

I don’t know how many of my followers will remember the early 90’s tv show Northern Exposure. The premise of the show was that the town on Cicely, Alaska had paid for the education of Dr. Joel Fleischman, and as soon as Dr. Fleishchman graduated from medical school he moved to Cicely to pay off his education by serving as the towns doctor.

The show ran for 5 years, and many may or may not know is that the town of Cicely, Alaska is actually Roslyn, Washington.  Over the run of the show almost all exterior shots for the show were done in Roslyn.  Roslyn is actually an old mining town, and to this day benefits from the tourism that a direct result of Northern Exposure.

Roslyn Cafe mural

The Roslyn Cafe mural that was featured in the opening credit of the TV show Northern Exposure

Even though I was a big fan of the show, and watched it regularly while it was in first run, I have to confess that in addition to the story, it was the fact that a tv show had scenes from somewhere I had actually been, for someone that grew up in a small town in Northern Idaho, that was a pretty big deal.

The Brick

The Brick which was one of the location featured in the TV show Northern Exposure

Before last weekend I hadn’t been back to Roslyn in many years, but the Olympia Camera Club took a field trip to that general area and it was fun to spend an hour or so wandering around the streets of Cicely, Alaska. 🙂

The Roslyn Cafe

The Roslyn cafe featuring the mural made famous in the TV show Northern Exposure

The only thing missing was the moose!

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