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Smoke Daddy cold smoke generator

Smoke Daddy

The Smoke Daddy cold smoke generator attached to my vertical smoker

While this isn’t directly related to my UDS pellet project, it is an indirect part of it, so I wanted to share an update.  I have been wanting to move into the world of “cold smoking” for a long time, but there are a lot of challenges with doing that, the main one being the ability to generate smoke without increasing the temperature inside your smoker, smoking cheese wouldn’t work all that well of the cheese simply melted. 🙂  There are a number of ways to accomplish this, and I went with what you see in the above picture, the Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generator.

To keep things very simple, a cold smoke generator is nothing more than a small device that you put combustible materials in, that is separate from the main chamber in your smoker, and when the material in the cold smoke generator burns, the smoke is released into the smoker, but very little heat is transferred since it is isolated from the main smoker.  Please visit the link above for demo videos from Smoke Daddy.

I will be posting another update in about a week after I sample the cheese that I used for the test smoke this weekend, from what I read smoked cheese should sit for at least a week for the flavor to set, and I will report back on that, but in the meantime the next image is of the amount of smoke being generated by the cold smoker.

Cold Smoke

Plenty of smoke generated

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