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If you have followed me for very long online, or know me in real life, you know that I am a diehard WSU Cougar, GoCougs, and it should not come as a surprise that we have a housecoat named Butch.  For those that don’t know, the WSU mascot is Butch.

After my somewhat depressing blog post about Budro, I thought I would post something about one of our family members that is still with us.  Butch joined our family years ago, we got him from a then co-worker of my wife, and we were told that he was a Maine Coon Cat, and if that were actually the case, he is the smallest Maine Coon Cat that has ever lived, truth be told, Butch is small by almost any house cat standards.

Butch lived with 2 other cats that we had for a number of years, Romeo and Juliet, and the whole time we lived in Arizona I don’t think that Butch ever ventured outside, he was a 100% indoor cat.  After our move to Washington State in 2012, he immediately started venturing outside, and is now quite comfortable in the great outdoors.

While we were sitting outside the other day, Butch was out wandering around the yard and I grabbed this snapshot of him while he was doing his version of hunting.

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Goodbye Budro



I haven’t updated this blog in some time, and this isn’t really the blog post that I hoped would be the one to get back on track, intact, it is a blog post that I have been putting off, for about 3 weeks now.  3 weeks ago we had to say goodbye to long time family member, our poodle Budro.

Budro entered our lives in January 2000 and within minutes we were utterly attached to him.  Budro was a small dog that no one had ever told was small, anytime we were round other dogs, the big dogs were the only ones that he wanted to fun and play with, other small dogs were completely invisible to him.

Bust 005.jpg

Budro telling someone who is the boss

Budro was absolutely fearless, I think this was because he played and ran with bigger dogs all the time, when we got him we had a mature golden retriever named Outlaw, who I will have to blog about someday.  Budro was a very friendly dog, but he would also bark loudly at strangers until he got to know them.


Budro and Ursa

Budro lived a good 14 years, and while it was heartbreaking to make that trip to the vets office after he got sick, it was the right thing to do, and we were able to say goodbye to him in a peaceful way.

I can say that he will be missed, and there will never be another dog quite like him in our lives.

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