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We have a deck

Deck Boards Installed

Deck boards have been installed and we finally have a usable deck

If I am going to be completely honest, this deck project took a lot longer than I really wanted it to.  Even though it took a lot longer than I wanted, we finally have a deck.

One of the primary reasons was the lack of skills when it comes to carpentry in general and building something significant such as a deck.  Tasks that would have been second nature to an experienced carpenter took me a long time, I wanted to make sure that I was doing things right.  There is an old saying about measuring twice and cutting once.  I actually measured 4 or 5 times, cut once, and often messed that up so I would start over again.

While weather was also a contributing factor in the delay in getting this project completed, the main reason was that I was paying for this as I went and a few times I needed to save up for a few months to have the money to buy the supplies that I needed.

The project is not done, I still need to build a small covered storage area where you see the wall framed in the above picture, and I am going to build an L shaped counter / food prep area where you see the grill sitting, but those will happen later this spring.  For now we have a usable deck, and plan on enjoying it as much as possible.

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Alaskan yellow cedar

Alaskan Yellow Cedar decking

I realize that I haven’t posted a deck build project update since late last summer.  The main reason is that I simply haven’t had a lot to report.  Between winter weather, holiday travel, and about 100 other things, I simply haven’t had much of a desire or opportunity to work on it.  That all changed this week when I started putting down the Alaskan yellow cedar deck boards.

When it came to the decking material I had a number of options to choose from and to be honest, it did take me a while to make my final decision.  The options I looked at included pressure treated lumber, composite, standard red cedar and Alaskan yellow cedar.  I ended up going with the yellow cedar for a couple reasons, first was that the quality of the lumber for the price was impossible to beat, but more importantly I really love the way it looks.  Simply put, it is very attractive cedar.

In the picture above the decking is not screwed down yet, just laid out to give an idea of what the 20’x14′ deck will look like.  Weather permitting the decking will be down before this weekend.  After that I still have a few things that I need to get done, the small storage area on the back corner, an L shaped feed prep area as well as getting electricity ran from the garage out to the deck.  

Stay tuned, more coming soon.

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