Burning out the barrel for my pellet UDS Smoker project

UDS Burnout

Burning out the barrel for my current smoker project

Mother nature brought us a good amount of rain over the last 24 hours, it has been very dry for at least 6 weeks, and according to internets the local burn bans had been lifted.  This gave me the opportunity to do the next step in my UDS project which was burning out the barrel, so I filled it up with some scrap cedar, which burns very hot, and lit it up.

Burning out the barrel accomplishes 2 things.  First, and most important, it cleans out the inside of the barrel and does away with any chemicals or residue that might still be there.  The 2nd thing it does is help remove all the paint on the outside of the barrel allowing me to more easily paint it with a high temp paint in the color I decide I want to go with.

Stay tuned as more updates will be coming soon.


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