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All the deck posts are set

The Posts Are Set

The final posts have been set for my deck build project

Actually, the final deck posts were set almost 2 weeks ago.  Thanks to a week long work trip to Arizona I was a little late on getting this post out.

I still have a little work to do on the garage siding after I found the damage earlier, but things are moving along.  The next step will be setting 12 2x6x12 pressure treated boards that the deck joists will in turn hang from.  Ironically enough, my biggest challenge right now is how to get those 12 2x6x12 boards home, my Toyota Tacoma only has a 5′ bed. 🙂

Every project has a setback or two

Damaged siding along the back of my garage.

Damaged siding along the back of my garage.

I have done enough DIY projects, as well as watching enough HGTV to know that every project will have a setback or two along the way, and my deck build project is no exception.

As I was setting the posts along the back wall of my garage, you can see the first one in the foreground of this image, I discovered that the siding has been damaged over the years.  The damage came from what I suspect was years of water hitting the ground and then bouncing up on the siding.

The good news is which it is damaged, it isn’t it terrible shape and I will be able to simply repair it, but I will need to take care of that before I build all the joists for the deck.  In the meantime, I will have the final posts set tomorrow and will then take care of the siding.

I’m building a deck

Site prep for the new back deck

Site prep for the new back deck

I have a list of projects that I have been wanting to tackle since we bought our property back in the spring of 2012.  Some I have done, many I have not, and there really is no excuse as to why I have put some of them off.  Building a deck off of the back of my garage, in the back yard, is a perfect example.

Ok, I am not a good carpenter, in fact I sort of suck at it, but after a lot of research I am 95% sure that I can actually build this thing myself.  Seriously, how hard can building a deck actually be?

Let me start by telling you a little about the deck I am going to build.  The whole purpose for the deck is to serve as something of an outdoor kitchen and a place for some outdoor furniture for us to enjoy our back yard.  It is going to be 20’x14′ and will also have a small covered enclosure for storing the grill and smokers.  You can see the overall layout in the picture above, and before you ask, no, it will not be going all the way to the ends of the garage.  If it did, there wouldn’t be enough room between it and the house, this picture is sort of misleading.  There will be a new sidewalk that runs from our back door to the deck though.

The deck will be “free floating” meaning that it will not be attached to the garage.  There are a couple reasons for that, but the biggest is that I am re-using the already existing posts for the fence section that you can see in the picture.  They are already in place, exactly where I want them and they are very solid.  That fence use to go around our back yard and block our back yard from our back-back yard.  I have removed most of the fencing and turned it into a really big back yard. 🙂  The upside to that earlier project is that I have the old fence 4×4 posts to re-use in the new deck.

That’s it for now.  More posts coming soon as the deck project progresses.