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I have a confession to make. I am a sucker for home improvement shows on TV. It goes all the way back to This Old House, specifically the Bob Villa years and continues to this day with shows like Holmes on Homes. When we sold our house in Tucson back in early 2008, I sort of expanded that into shows that dealt with buying and selling houses. The reason I bring this up is that I have always been amazed at the people on these shows that are looking for a new home and will completely dismiss a property simply because the paint color doesn’t appeal to them. We all know that painting is hard work, but seriously, you wouldn’t buy an otherwise perfect “dream house” because a few rooms have a paint color you don’t like?  If we would have been like those people on TV, we would never have bought our new place here in Olympia.  There isn’t a single room in this house that has a paint color that we like.  The exterior is ok, but we will most likely be changing that as well.

This weekend marked the first steps at making this place “ours” and we started by painting our master bedroom.  Above is a before and after image.  We really hated the light yellow that was in there when we moved in, and wanted something a little richer and darker.  We eventually agreed on the color you see in the second image.

Painting is hard work, and we need to work our way through each and every room in the house.  I think that the living room is next, and possibly the family room after that.

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