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A double IPA from both Three Magnets Brewing and Oly Taproom

Beer can be very contradictory at times.  Beer should always be enjoyed as fresh as possible, unless of course it shouldn’t.  Some beers, like the Taxman Evasion that I blogged about some time ago develop more complex and enjoyable flavors as they age, both before and even after packaging.  The beer that I am sharing in this blog post is NOT one that should be aged, it is one that should be enjoyed as fresh as possible, and is why I decided to use it as the star of this post about local beer.  It is an IPA, and IPA’s are one of those types that are at their absolute best as fresh.

There is a lot of both science and art involved when it comes to brewing a great beer.  The brewer takes a lot of things into account when they craft what they hope is a perfect recipe for a beer that they hope will be enjoyed and appreciated by beer lovers.  They will select the grain, hops and yeast that they will use to craft that special beer.  The science comes into knowing how those ingredients will interact with each other and the art is knowing exactly how much of each ingredient needs to be introduce at exactly the right time to craft a beer that they had in mind.  A great brewer will also know when it will be the absolute best time to enjoy his or hers masterpiece.

The beer in this post was produced by Three Magnets Brewing here in Olympia in Collaboration with The Oly Taproom to celebrate the taprooms 3rd anniversary.  I not only enjoyed this beer on it’s release day, as fresh as possible, but I also brought home a couple 4-packs and put them in the back of my garage fridge.  This beer was simply spectacular on the day that it was released.  It had everything I wanted in a hazy IPA and it sold out very quickly, it stayed on the shelf less than a day.  I have staggered the enjoyment of my cans over the last few months.  While it was truly spectacular on release day, it has changed a bit since then and now it is only very good.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing at all wrong with very good, and if this beer would have been shipped across the country through normal beer distribution channels it would have ended up in a lot of beer drinkers as a very good beer, but the vast majority of those beer drinkers would never have known how amazing it was right after it was born.  When it comes down to it, the only way to truly know that your beer is as fresh as possible, and is being enjoyed the way that the brewer intended it to be enjoyed, is to drink it at, or as close to, the source as possible.  In others words, enjoy local beer.  🙂

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