Resurrection of the Sancha rebuild project

Sancha on the Apache Trail

My 1968 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser

Long time readers of this blog, long before I broke off the photoblog and then messed up my database and reset things here, will remember that I used to post updates here about the rebuild project I had going on with my 1968 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser, Sancha.

Sadly that project got put on hold for a lot longer than I really wanted it to, pretty much 2 years, part of that was due to our move to Washington state from Arizona, but an even bigger part was simply not having the extra money to dedicate to her.

Sadly the budget side of things has not changed, but I am feeling the need to get back to work on her. ¬†Fortunately there are a lot of things I can do that won’t require a lot of money, a big part of that is simply breaking things down again after I bolted everything back together for the move. ¬†Sadly those blog posts no longer exist here, but I do have an online archive of the rebuild project on a Land Cruiser forum and over the next few weeks I will be re-creating a lot of those posts here to get everyone up to date on where I am at with the build.

Stay tuned and if the planets align, maybe I can get the old girl back on the road before another year or two passes me by.


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