Sanding and painting the barrel for the UDS smoker project


Got a little more work done on the UDS smoker project this weekend.  After the recent burnout, the next step was to give the barrel a quick sanding and painting.  To give it the quick sanding / stripping I used one of my favorite things from 3M, their paint / rust remover attached to an air powered die grinder.  Considering that most of the paint was actually burnt off from the fire, it really just took a few minutes to get it down to bare steel.

Many years ago I bought a can of high temp paint with the plans of refurbing a grill I had at the time.  I ended up replacing that grill but still had that can of high temp enamel on the shelf, imagine my surprised when it turned out being white paint instead of the black that I was expecting.  Still, I wanted to give the barrel 3 coats of paint so the first coat ended up being the white.


I ended up finishing the task up with 2 coats of high temp black enamel.


It’s time to start adding some of the hardware needed for the cooking racks and handles.  I am planning on going with stainless steel hardware and will update the blog here as I get to that.  I will be out of town this coming weekend so things might be sitting in this state for a couple weeks.

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