Then and now, what a difference 16 years can make

This blog post is going to require a tiny bit of imagination, so please bear with me.  You have probably seen those “then and now” photos before where you get a shot of a place, and then another many years later, this is one of those. 🙂

When my wife and I decided that it was time to move back to the Pacific Northwest last fall, we had initially started looking at rental properties thinking we would move and then start looking for a place to buy.  The first thing we discovered about the Olympia area was that rents tend to be pretty high.  With the money that we would have to spend, we decided that it made more sense to just switch gears and look for a property to buy.  We only had one real thing on our wish-list for what we were looking for, and that was a large piece of land that we would fall in love with.  To be honest, the house on that piece of land was of secondary concern.

We did find a gorgeous 2 acre place just south of the Olympia airport that has a nice double wide manufactured home, a 2 car detached garage and the entire 2 acres is fully fenced, which Ursa just loves. Sadly the poodle, Budro, is less in love with those big spaces.

One of the things that the previous owner left for us, and it was a great surprise, was a group of pictures that were taken in 1996 when they were putting the house in place.  This is one of those images.


This picture was taken from our neighbors front yard (our property line is just past that little fenced in section), they were the original owners of the land in this area, they are the ones that subdivided it, and know the history of the place.  Apparently our land had been part of an apple orchard in the late 1800’s and it is believed that those little brown trees that you can see are from that orchard.  We have no way of knowing that, but those trees do produce apples to this day.  You can also probably tell that at some point it was decided to turn the land into a christmas tree farm, thus all those evergreens growing in nice little rows. 🙂  At some point the christmas tree farm was sort of abandoned, and I did talk to one of our owners who said that he actually harvested a good number of them off the land when they were allowed to grow on their own.

Flash forward 16 years to when we moved in this year, and here is an image that I took from as close as I could determine was the same place as the 1996 image.



Pretty amazing what can happen over 16 years isn’t it? 🙂  Who knew that evergreens could grow so fast. You have to look VERY closely to see the skylight in our kitchen which will allow you to mentally line the images up.

In addition to the 3 apple trees that can be seen in the 1996 image, we have found 2 others that are considerably newer, as well as one pear tree that produces some of the best tasting pears I have ever eaten.  Sadly the previous owner had let the property get overgrown quite a bit, but we are making plans to get a lot of cleanup done and reclaim some of the wild.  One thing that is certain, I will need a riding mower. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post, I had a lot more fun putting it together than I did the last post about Ursa and  her accident.

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